Sotnyk: We urge the parliament to impose additional sanctions against the Russian Federation

Samopomich is calling on the Verkhovna Rada to step up sanctions against Russian officials, local judges and others. MP Olena Sotnyk says that the corresponding decree 8495 has already been prepared.

Back in June, Samopomich prepared a number of bills, including a decree which offers the Verkhovna Rada to appeal to the NSDC and the President (according to the law on sanctions, they are the ones to decide to impose additional restrictions) with a request to impose sanctions on a number of physical persons, officials of the Russian Federation, among whom there are judges, officials who made decisions that violate human rights. In such a way we can join the global initiative of the Magnitsky Act and add all those people who made judicial decisions against our political prisoners to the sanction list.”

Ukraine, as a country suffering from Russian aggression, must have a more active position on sanctions, which are the only way to put pressure on the Russian Federation. Yet we are not doing this, hoping for the help of our international partners.

“Last week, the EU once again prolonged a certain sectoral package of sanctions; personal sanctions against specific officials continue to be in force; the United States recently adopted such a package of sanctions; the introduction of sanctions against Nord Stream-2 is being considered. But Ukraine, being a victim of Russia, has nearly the most modest achievements in this regard. Today, after the changes that took place in June 2018, our list consists of 1,759 names from the Russian Federation and 786 legal entities. And as for the dynamics of trade with Russia – it is only growing.”

In addition, Olena Sotnyk, together with the entire Samopomich Union, would like to hear a report from the President during the last day of the plenary session (despite the fact that during the martial law period the Verkhovna Rada should work constantly in a session mode until the martial law period ends), at least at a closed meeting. He should report on what has been implemented, what measures to strengthen the defence capability of Ukraine have been taken.

Olena Sotnyk says, “I’ve travelled to regions. Yesterday I returned from the Odesa region and I can state that, unfortunately, so far we cannot be talking about a tangible increase in defence capability of those 10 regions where martial law has been introduced.”

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