Sotnyk: Protection of civil society activists from the terror of the authorities is a matter of principle

Social activists demand an immediate public report by the Prosecutor General and the Minister of the Interior, as well as the convening of an extraordinary meeting of the Council of National Security and Defence. Representatives of civil society came to the parliament with such an appeal.

This year alone, 55 attacks on activists have been committed in Ukraine, says Serhiy Sternenko, who himself has twice been a victim of such attacks.

Over the last two years, there have been more than a hundred of such attacks. There have even been murders, not only beatings and arsons.

Representatives of Samopomich, together with a group of MPs, are initiating the creation of a temporary investigative commission that will investigate attacks on representatives of civil society. Olena Sotnyk urges her colleagues not to leave the people who are not afraid to openly oppose the authorities on the ground to the mercy of fate.

“We are appealing to all MPs to join and make sure that the resolution on the creation of a temporary investigatory commission is introduced in the parliament and voted for. It is a matter of principle. We are also appealing to all social activists with a request not to give up. You are not alone, we will do our best to force the authorities to do their work and to punish those responsible,” concluded Olena Sotnyk.


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