Sotnyk: “In the course of 5 years of this Verkhovna Rada’s term, the coalition gave the President at least 12 unconstitutional powers”

Samopomich’s deputy, Olena Sotnyk, called the President’s statement on the reduction of his powers in terms of decentralization and liquidation of the position of regional state administrations’ chairmen with the introduction of the institution of prefects a remarkable manipulation.

“This means that they want to return to the adoption of constitutional amendments in the second reading, against which Samopomich once voted and which provided for the special status of Donbas”.

Sotnyk notes that if the President wants to reduce his powers, there is no need to change the Constitution, introduce prefects, etc. Everything can be done in a very simple way. The only thing needed is the political will.

“Over the 5 years of this Verkhovna Rada’s term, I myself have made a list of at least 12 examples of the President’s powers which were given to him due to his coalition, but which do not correspond to his constitutional powers, rather exceed them. For example, the appointment of the NCSREU by the President, approval of the “Ukroboronprom” director by the President. And there are many more such examples, including the last National Security Law, which gave the President completely non-relevant powers that are contrary to the Constitution.”

However, the current Verkhovna Rada can still eliminate these unconstitutional powers. We do not need to change the Constitution, for this. We simply need to make changes to some laws.

Amending the Constitution is a more difficult way. And here it is important to limit the powers of the President in the executive branch: the appointment of ministers, the Prosecutor General and the head of the SBU. It is also necessary to introduce a more realistic impeachment procedure in the Basic Law, because today the impeachment is impossible even from a legal point of view.

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