Olena Sotnyk: There is a threat that those guilty of actions against Maidan will never be punished

“Even in the very first year after Maidan, it was clear that there were problems – both with the investigations into the cases of Maidan and with the courts,” says Samopomich’s deputy Olena Sotnyk. At the beginning of their term, Olena Sotnyk and Ihor Lutsenko initiated the creation of a temporary investigative commission in the parliament, but this decision was never introduced in the parliament. “In fact, this is a key sign of the fact that politicians tend to say one thing and then they do something completely different,” Sotnyk notes.

On the fifth anniversary of the bloody events of the Revolution of Dignity, we still have no results of the investigation of these cases. But even if these cases get to the courts, how many years will still have to pass before we get real sentences for the guilty ones? After all, none of the representatives of the then power structures has been punished yet.

“I got into this parliament due to the people who died or were injured during the Revolution of Dignity.

Investigation and punishment of the perpetrators were and still remain one of our key responsibilities. There are no results, and frankly speaking, I do not know what to do with this. Unfortunately, the system is not facilitating the investigation, it is not facilitating the protection of human rights, but is working in the interests of several people in this country. We also have a problem with the courts. We thought that being representatives of new authorities we would come, renew the courts and see justice. But that did not happen. Courts go on covering criminals and helping them avoid punishment.”

Just like many others, Olena Sotnyk is disappointed with this state of affairs.

“I am not just disappointed; I feel there is a great threat to our statehood if these crimes are not punished. Because the inevitability of punishment is the only thing that can somehow still keep people’s faith in the authorities, in the courts and in justice.”

Sotnyk also notes that it is clear that even the Prosecutor General’s Office is not interested in solving the cases of Maidan and in punishing those responsible.

“In my opinion, there is pressure on the Prosecutor’s Office and resistance of the system, there is a lack of coordination on the part of the Prosecutor General and the unit that investigates the cases of Maidan. Recently the Prosecutor General has introduced changes to the Criminal Procedure Code regarding the absentee investigation as such, which will make it possible to convict Yanukovych, Arbuzov, Zakharchenko and others who are to blame for the fact that people died during Maidan.”

Horbatiuk argues that the proposed wording regarding the conviction in absentia does not correspond to the one they prepared and offered to the Prosecutor General. Therefore, there is a threat that such changes will not work.

“The obvious delays in the consideration of many cases in the courts, the lies about the completion of the investigation of Maidan cases, the fact that Interior Ministry officials who are suspected in these cases are not even removed from office, the interference with the investigation and prosecutors – are all clear evidence that the authorities do not intend to finally solve these cases!” says Olena Sotnyk.

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