Sotnyk: If there were transparent privatization in Ukraine, Akhmetov and Poroshenko probably would not have joined the ranks of the richest Ukrainians

On Thursday, November 9, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading a law on the privatization of state property. Samopomich MP Olena Sotnyk believes that by the time of the second reading it is necessary to ensure the document has fuses that would give a chance for transparent and competitive privatization, and would not work to strengthen the already existing oligarchic regime.

She explains: these are only strategic enterprises of critical infrastructure that should remain in the state sector, because there is an obvious inefficiency of the state as a manager. Thus, in the last year alone, loss ratio of the state enterprises has reached the level of 20 billion hryvnias, while 50% of anti-corruption cases are directly related to their work.

Olena Sotnyk emphasizes, “However, it was privatization that established an oligarchical order in Ukraine. If Ukraine had introduced transparent and competitive privatization mechanisms 20 years ago, perhaps the names of Akhmetov, Firtash, Kolomoiskyi, and Poroshenko would not have appeared either in the top 100 of the richest people in the country, or in Ukrainian politics.”

Given this, the mechanisms of privatization are almost of key importance. Therefore, the MP emphasizes, by the time of the second reading, we need to spell out in the law a prohibition for Russia to participate in privatization and exclude the possibility of reselling privatized enterprises to its companies.

In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of manual assessment and price formation of enterprises. Thirdly, it is necessary to overcome the gap that makes it possible to use the jurisdictions from the FATF list (black list) that are related to the so-called offshore economies and through which the enemy can also buy our property.

“I understand that it is difficult to prevent all possible risks in Ukraine, but it is necessary to try,” concludes Olena Sotnyk.

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