Sotnyk: “Electoral legislation will change only when power changes”

MP Olena Sotnyk from the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction says, “The bill is practically ready for the second reading, but this autumn the document has little chance to be adopted.

There are 4000 amendments to it. The fact there are so many of them will be definitely used to delay the process. MPs chosen under the majority system might kill the draft law themselves, since they constitute half of the deputies in the Verkhovna Rada and it is clear that they are against the abolition of the majority system.”

“Pro-government forces are traditionally using administrative resources on the ground to make sure that their majority deputies get to the parliament,” says Olena Sotnyk.

Hence we have the second problem – will the pro-government forces vote for this bill?

“In any case, there is still hope for a positive scenario in the spring if we get a new President who will support the open lists. Then we will be able to get back to this issue and actually carry out this reform,” concludes Olena Sotnyk

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