Sotnyk: “We still have no effective system of combating Russian fakes in Ukraine. Responsibility for this rests with the Petro Poroshenko Bloc

Russia’s external information strategy is actively working against Ukraine and for the distortion of the image of our state. Thus, according to the deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Olena Sotnyk, the Russian Federation is actively spreading a large number of fake negative publications against Ukraine in our partner countries, that is, the countries that make decisions on the imposition or extension of sanctions against Russia. We are talking about France, Germany, Austria, etc.

This is done with the help of a three-level fake news distribution system, in which only professionals can find the source and see that the publication is fake.

Given that today Ukraine has no effective policy of countering Russian fakes abroad, the actions of the Russian Federation have a great effect. Therefore, the first association that comes to minds of a significant part of foreigners when Ukraine is mentioned is not the Revolution of Dignity, for example, but corruption.

It is the Ministry of Information Policy, created after the Euromaidan, that should actively oppose Russia in this area. But we have not yet seen any significant results of its work over the years. Olena Sotnyk states: “If any kind of misinformation appears, we do not have effective distribution channels to refute it.”

The coalition of the Verkhovna Rada plays a significant role in all this inaction. For years (!) it has not been able to dismiss the Minister of Information Policy, who resigned a few years ago effectively disclaiming responsibility for the Ministry.

The people’s deputy summarizes: “It is the coalition that is now responsible for the ineffective work of this Ministry, which completely killed the system of countering the Russian propaganda.” 

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