Olena Sotnyk addressing Ukrainians: If you want an honest government, you must go to the polls and vote honestly

Speaking about the possible rigging during the presidential election in Ukraine on March 31, a representative of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction, Olena Sotnyk, underscores several main kinds of falsification.

In particular, problems may arise in foreign election districts. The parliamentarian says: I receive a lot of different information. For example, in the USA, there is a problem that in one of the territories where there are 24,000 potential voters, letters, in which the format of the address does not correspond to the one in the US, may be sent. Thus, people will be deprived of the opportunity to vote or their right to vote will be questioned.”

In addition, the lack of a realistic population census can traditionally become a room for fraud. Olena Sotnyk recalls: “For more than eighteen years we have not had a census. This has been used by all authorities without exception. “Ghost voters” can help rig the election results with hundreds of thousands of votes.”

In addition, for more than two years, the draft law on electronic voting has been waiting in the parliament. Its introduction would guarantee the participation of young people aged 18-35 in the voting, which is unprofitable for the authorities.

However, the creation of networks for bribing voters remains the main method of influencing the results of the voting. When instead of punishing perpetrators for this offence the law enforcement officers are idle observing it all, these are Ukrainians that should influence the situation.

Therefore, the MP appeals to the Ukrainians to come to the polls and honestly vote: “Honest voting is the key to changing the quality of the government. If today you have been paid a thousand hryvnias from someone’s pocket, the party’s funds, then tomorrow they will want to get their money back. Obviously, they will do it at your expense. If once in five years you were “privileged” to receive a thousand hryvnias, you need to be aware that for every thousand you received twenty-forty, perhaps even fifty times as much money will be later stolen from you personally.”

Olena Sotnyk concludes: “This election is critical for Ukraine. If you want an honest government, you must go to the polls and use your vote honestly.”

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