Sotnyk: The scenario of returning the Russian delegation to PACE is picking up momentum

“The PACE Political Committee confirmed our suspicions regarding the revitalization of the scenario for the return of the Russian Federation this year,” said Olena Sotnyk, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

She, along with other representatives of the delegation of our state, has exposed this scheme, but, according to Olena, the scenario will be further pursued.

“Three hours were dedicated to one topic – discussion of the document on possible steps for reforming the PACE and “strengthening” the Assembly. Many pages of a sensible text hid one single rule, which, in fact, is a practical mechanism for implementing the “return without conditions” scenario, as required by Russia. In fact, it provides for the harmonization of sanctions in the two organs of the Council of Europe – the Assembly and the Committee of Ministers.”

This means that the Committee of Ministers will be able to block the decision on Assembly sanctions if it disagrees with the position of the Committee, and, as is known, Russia is working very actively in the Committee.

Even the PACE delegates themselves admit that everything that happens in the Committee is a cover-up for Russia’s return. However, Olena Sotnyk and the entire Ukrainian delegation are determined and will do everything possible to prevent the Russian delegation from returning to PACE.

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