Sotnyk: The central government is doing nothing to prevent lawlessness in Odesa

According to MP Olena Sotnyk, banditry and split up are ruling in Odesa now, while public activists who are constantly attacked are under immense threat. The parliamentarian notes: “In fact, the situation is such that the next “people’s republic” might be formed in this particular region.

Unfortunately, the central government is not doing anything to prevent this from happening.” Consequently, Samopomich is demanding to immediately investigate the facts about which the activists are talking.

First of all, local activists are addressing the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko regarding the actions of the regional prosecutor Oleh Zhuchenko, whose task was to deal with the criminal oligarchic clan that captured Odesa. However, according to activists, the law enforcement system of the region is paralyzed and is serving this Halaternyk-Trukhanov clan.

Secondly, as reported by local activist Oleh Mykhailyk, who was shot in Odesa last year, local authorities are robbing the city and splitting up lands between themselves. He says, “Over the past few years, several hundred million dollars have been stolen by means of transferring land for free.”

Thirdly, activists continue, in Odesa, Trukhanov, Haleternyk and Anhert are also undermining the defence capability of Ukraine in favour of the Russian aggressor. For example, activists are outraged because of the fact that military airfield “Shkola” has been seized and now there are attempts to destroy it.

Since there is no point in appealing to the law enforcement bodies of the region, activists demand that all cases concerning attacks on civil activists in Odesa from the past two years should be transferred to Kyiv investigative bodies.

They conclude: “We are not going to give up, but if the Kyiv authorities do nothing, if Poroshenko pays no attention to this, there will be no one to defend the Ukrainian Odesa.”

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