Sotnyk: Russia is a key threat of external interference into electoral processes in Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted a draft law providing for a ban on the participation of Russian observers in Ukrainian elections. The Samopomich Union faction supported the document, after all, as noted by MP Olena Sotnyk, today Russia is the key threat of external interference in electoral processes not only in European countries, the USA, but also in Ukraine.

However, in order to make it all legally perfect, there is a need to make additional changes to the law on the election of the President. The document needs to be clarified, in particular, the grounds for refusal to register international observers. Olena Sotnyk explains, “This is in case Russian observers do appear. In the Council of Europe, we have seen situations when citizens who may have a negative impact on the course of elections are intentionally included in the list of observers.”

“As for the institution of international observation, I urge all international organizations to participate in the observation of the electoral process in Ukraine as much as possible. From my own experience, including as the chair of the observation mission from the Council of Europe, I know that very often these are international observers who can prevent a violation of the electoral process,” concludes the MP.

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