Sotnyk: No one can forbid a person to come out to protest in order to voice their position

In the near future, a draft law on the removal from the Ukrainian legislation of an article establishing punishment for violating the rules of holding peaceful assemblies will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. This was announced by the deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Olena Sotnyk.

The corresponding regulation stems from Soviet times and was introduced with the aim of suppressing protests. It runs contrary to any idea of a democratic society.

Olena Sotnyk notes, “The sacred right of any nation is to address their authorities with specific demands. People have the right to express their position on any issue.

If the people want to attract the attention of the authorities, the authorities can in no way forbid this.” Since the authorities clearly state that Ukraine is a democratic country, no one can forbid a person to go out and declare their position. “For me, the presence of this article is a shameful symbol of the fact that we still live according to some Soviet principles and rules,” said the people’s deputy.

Olena Sotnyk concludes, “I really hope for the support of my colleagues. In the near future, we will ask all the MPs who are fighting for human rights, who are listening to people, to sign the bill. I really hope that this parliament will be able to eliminate the shameful Soviet rule from the law.”

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