Sotnyk: These are not activists who should expose the corruption of the authorities while risking their lives! This must be done by law enforcement agencies!

The Verkhovna Rada prolonged the activities of the provisional investigatory commission (PIC) on investigating the information about the attacks on Kateryna Handziuk and other public activists for three more months.

PIC secretary and people’s deputy from the Samopomich Union faction Olena Sotnyk notes:

“To date, there are more than 50 criminal proceedings under the control of the provisional investigatory commission. We have found a large number of violations by law enforcement agencies in many of them.”

There would be no need for this PIC if the authorities performed their functions. It is wrong that activists are exposing the corruption crimes of the authorities while having their own lives at risk, because these are the law enforcement agencies that must do this. However, they are actually being inactive. As a result, activists continue to be under threat.

Olena Sotnyk emphasizes: “The activists are being followed, they are receiving threats. Pressure on the public continues in our country. For the activists, the provisional investigatory commission is perhaps the only hope that they will be protected somehow.”

Summing up, the people’s deputy draws attention to the shortcomings of the legislation, which also affect the course of the investigation. In the near future, a bill aimed at remedying the situation will be introduced in the parliament.

Olena Sotnyk addresses her colleagues in the Verkhovna Rada: “In almost every case, investigators address us and say that the delay in the investigation is only because such legislation has been passed. Dear colleagues, let’s unite and at least make it possible to investigate these crimes. Then we will be able to distinguish between the law enforcement officers who work and try to find the guilty ones from those who sabotage the investigations.”

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