Sotnyk: We have no right to destroy the values of the PACE with double standards in order to please Putin

Olena Sotnyk, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, demands from her colleagues in the Assembly not to let the Russian delegation return. She noted in her speech at the session, “We, as parliamentarians and representatives of the citizens of our countries, have lost the sense of meaning and purpose of this organization. It is unfair to say that you intend to strengthen and support the system of human rights protection in PACE if you are willing to give up all this just because you need to negotiate with the Russians.

The deputy points out that some members of this organization seem to have forgotten its fundamental principles.

“Dear colleagues, it seems to me we have forgotten that this organization is not about us or for us – it is for people suffering in the occupied territories, in the grey zones, the people seeking justice in many of the member states. We have no right to destroy this system by double standards and by bidding for the Putin regime.”

Olena Sotnyk says that the statements that the Russian delegation should be returned to PACE to let the Russian citizens apply to the European Court of Human Rights hold no water. After all, in the Russian Federation, there is a law that makes it possible not to recognize the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. And this is yet another proof of Russia’s cynical disregard for the PACE as an organization.

“There are no easy solutions when you have to deal with a cruel and aggressive opponent! When joining the organization, the Russian Federation was well aware of our principles, standards, rules and procedures. Therefore, Russia will either respect them or will have to recognize that it is not ready to be part of a democratic family.”

Olena Sotnyk points out that PACE should make a choice these days, “Money or trust? Money or values? Money or the future of this organization? You will have to answer these questions during the voting!”

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