Sotnyk: “Stop humiliating the public sector! Cancel the declarations for activists”

The faction of Samopomich Union in the Verkhovna Rada demands that the parliament immediately abolish the requirement for public activists to submit e-declarations. Olena Sotnyk – a representative of the Samopomich parliamentary faction – believes that this shameful initiative humiliates Ukraine in the eyes of our European partners and the whole world. She insists, “This is undemocratic. This is worse than the law on foreign agents in the Russian Federation.”

Despite this, the authorities continue to sabotage the abolition of the regulation. Another evidence of this is the failure to conduct meetings of the Anticorruption Committee, where the issue of abolishing declarations for public activists should be considered as a priority one.

Olena Sotnyk says, “Yesterday, during the meeting of the parliament’s coordination board, the entire ruling coalition promised, “of course, we will abolish the shameful requirement of electronic declaration for public activists”. The President has demonstrated a high level of cynicism asserting that this regulation must be immediately canceled. There have been three opportunities to do so, but he has not used them. The first one was to prevent the coalition from voting. The second one was to veto this bill. The third option that could have been done was to at least send the bill back to the parliament with his amendments. He has done nothing.”

The lawmaker addresses her fellow-colleagues in the parliament, “Then, up until April 1, everyone had been actively pretending to be willing to abolish this regulation, but you did not do so eventually. Why? You just wanted to take revenge on those public activists who reveal the corruption schemes in which you are involved.”

“We demand an immediate consideration for these issues and cancelation of the shameful requirement of electronic declaration for the public sector. Stop demeaning the independent public sector, which is the only one that controls the authorities in this state,” concludes Olena Sotnyk.


Olena Sotnyk
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