Sotnyk: For as long as MPs only care about their own future in the parliament, this country will have no future

The Verkhovna Rada has appointed 30 scholarships for the most talented young scientists in the amount of 2 thousand hryvnias per month each. However, MP Olena Sotnyk says that this is nothing.

“30 people, 30 scientists are nominated today. This is nothing for a country with a 35 million population. There are no MPs who could pass real laws that would stop the outflow of intellect from Ukraine. After all, when asked, “would you like to leave Ukraine if you had a chance,” 90% of young people will say yes. Because neither the parliament nor the government has taken any real actions to stop this trend.”

Olena notes that the state is doing nothing for its young people, “The salaries of young specialists are very low, there is no stimulation for small and medium businesses, and there are no housing loans. What can a young scientist count on today even if he/she is a genius? They will not even be able to protect their invention, since there is no protection of intellectual property. Today there is no recognition of the merits of young people before the state, before science, before themselves. Scholarships look like a Soviet relic. Instead of giving people real recognition, instead of giving people the opportunity to prove themselves and promote Ukraine, promote its economy, promote our intellectual potential, we are actually disgracing them!”

Sotnyk is urging her colleagues in the parliament to finally start taking care of the youth, and not about themselves. “We have to admit that people are leaving Ukraine and scientists are the first to go. Unless we start doing something and adopt real laws, this country will have no future, because there will not be its main potential – young people, young scientists, young intellect.”

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