Olena Sotnyk: Because of the inaction of our prosecutors those who came out against people at Maidan are still in the law enforcement structures
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People involved in the crimes against the members of the Revolution of Dignity continue working in the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. “In particular, we have found out that 12 employees of Berkut who arrested people at Maidan on 30th are still working in the law enforcement bodies. And most importantly, the police are not reacting to this at all. The same is going on in the prosecutor’s office,” says Vadym Vasylchuk, a representative of Samopomich in the Kyiv City Council and one of the Maidan commandants.

Samopomich MP Olena Sotnyk adds, “We have addressed Mr. Lutsenko with the corresponding deputy appeal where we clearly indicated all the names and positions of those people who, in particular, made submissions for arrests, supported the accusation of Maidan participants and are still working in the Prosecutor General’s Office. I received a response, which briefly but clearly reported that the Prosecutor General’s Office did not see the grounds for lustration of these people. Now I have to address Mr. Petrenko, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine, which is responsible for verifying all the facts in order to understand why the law on the authorities’ cleansing does not apply to these people.”

“In connection with this, we are informing Mr. Lutsenko and Mr. Petrenko that we are not going to back off. The criminal inactivity of the former prosecutors and of the sitting Prosecutor General will not be left without our supervision. Therefore, until it’s too late we suggest taking all necessary measures in order to bring these people to justice, and to dismiss them from the Prosecutor General’s Office at least,” Olena Sotnyk sums up.

Olena Sotnyk
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