Sotnyk: Once we have an army consistent with NATO standards – the alliance will call us itself

The Verkhovna Rada has appealed to the leaders of the NATO countries asking to provide Ukraine with an action plan for membership in the Alliance. Samopomich supported the strategic aspirations of Ukraine to join NATO and the EU and this appeal. Because today it is a key task for Ukraine – to build a strong defence system.

However, beautiful words will not lead to NATO. This conviction is expressed by MP Olena Sotnyk.

“No appeals or beautiful words in them can change the situation with the standards of our army; the situation with a corrupt defence budget, with an ineffective military-industrial complex. Therefore, if we really want to join NATO, then our task is not to write appeals but to adopt the relevant laws.”

Olena Sotnyk draws attention to the fact that Samopomich did offer a law on a transparent defence budget. The bill has been waiting for two years, and no one is going to consider it.

“To adopt laws and implement concrete actions, change the army, change formation standards, armament, do away with corrupt practices, show NATO standards here in Ukraine, even if there is no action plan for membership yet. If we have a strong army and full compliance with NATO standards, we will not have to apply, they will call us themselves treating us as a strong partner. This should be our strategic task: to become a strong partner, to be a strong state, not to ask, but to make others address us.”

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