Sotnyk: “Dirty technologies in the elections are the result of low political culture”

“This is not the first dirty campaign; almost all the campaigns had dirt, it’s just that now more technologies have appeared, including social networks that use short informational messages — very dirty or very provocative,” MP Olena Sotnyk commenting on the election campaign in Ukraine. She stresses that all this is due to the low political culture of the Ukrainian elites:

“Our elites are not capable of meaningful talks, of giving concrete answers to difficult questions or of taking responsibility for the challenges that will be there in Ukraine in the near future. But someone will have to take this responsibility. Therefore, people’s attention is now being diverted from reality to some fantasy world. A very trivial technology based on fear, blood, sex is used for this. And if you analyse various campaigns of different candidates, you can clearly see who prioritizes what. For example, Sadovyi relied on human values – he has many videos where he cooks something, talks with somebody, plays with the dog. This is the image of a person who has the same values and life preferences as many other people.

Someone else builds his story on the need to wipe the floor with the current government and the current politicians and actually use people’s internal discontent with politicians and do what each of the Ukrainians would like to do in relation to the authorities – speak offensively to the Head of State, spit someone in the face, etc.

This is nothing new. For example, Trump’s campaign was built this way. His goal was to separate himself from the political establishment, he spoke with simple boorish harsh messages, saying “you are all rascals, corrupt officials and the best I can do is push you out of politics and start doing something for the people.” The same story happened in Brazil. Their president used the same messages stating that all politicians use people, and “I am so cool and will bring everyone to justice.” By the way, not a single corrupt person has been yet imprisoned in Brazil.

European countries show better tendencies. Thus, in Slovenia, a female human rights defender was elected president. She was chosen because she is not from politics but she tried to do something and brought some results.

Sotnyk notes: “I wish we had something like this in Ukraine. I wish we chose people who fought for something and had positive results.”

What are Ukrainian candidates doing now? Each of them plays either on desires or on the fears of Ukrainians. Zelenskyi plays on the desire to spit in the face of the authorities, while Poroshenko plays on the fear of war, impoverishment, on the fear that the Kremlin’s hand will return.

“For the most part, Zelenskyi’s rating is Poroshenko’s anti-rating. And Poroshenko is using the last thing left – people’s fear of the external threat and the future. Neither the former nor the latter have anything to do with real challenges and the future of Ukraine,” concludes the MP.

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