“Today in Ukraine there is complete collective irresponsibility in the sphere of financial crimes combating” – Tetiana Ostrikova

In 2017, the US plans to provide Ukraine with $560 million of assistance: $150 million for military and security aid, $410 million for financial assistance to the country. People’s deputies of the Samopomich Union, who are in Washington these days, have held a number of meetings with congressmen who will soon vote for the corresponding draft law on the allocation of such assistance.

As noted by MP Tetiana Ostrikova, it goes without saying that the issue of allocation of financial assistance to Ukraine is extremely important, “We are very grateful to the Congress, the Senate and the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America. However, our state must also do its homework. Because we must be aware of what each cent of US taxpayers’ money is spent on.”

First of all, according to Tetiana Ostrikova, it is necessary to review the Ukrainian legislation and introduce parliamentary and civil control over defence budget expenditures. In addition, it is necessary to create a new law enforcement agency – a financial investigation service, which will investigate the theft of budget money, including international technical assistance. “Following the Soviet tradition, the entire military and defence budgets are classified, the National Security and Defence Council make classified decisions, to which neither the parliamentarians nor even the Ministry of Finance have full access. Meanwhile, creation of the financial investigation service as a single body aimed at combating public finances crimes of the state is a structural beacon of the memorandum with the IMF.”

The people’s deputy states that today in Ukraine in the sphere of combating financial crimes – in particular the theft of funds coming in the form of technical assistance – there is complete collective irresponsibility. Therefore, there must be civil and parliamentary control over all the money that comes to the budget of Ukraine, and in case of violations an effective financial investigation service must carry out investigations.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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