Yehor Soboliev: Today we must save the independence of the Anti-Corruption Bureau

Deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, People’s Front, the Opposition Bloc and the “Revival” group have met today in the anti-corruption committee. As noted by the committee chairman, Yehor Soboliev, the members of the committee are trying to pass the decision on recommending the parliament to appoint Nigel Brown as the NABU auditor.

“We are witnessing the attempts to destroy the independence of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. In my opinion, the specific purpose of this auditor’s appointment is to write that the Anti-Corruption Bureau is working poorly and to dismiss Artem Sytnyk from the post of director of the Bureau.

I do not recognize this meeting and any decisions that can be made during it. Everyone understands that this has nothing to do with the Law of Ukraine. I hope that the Speaker of the Parliament, Andriy Parubiy, will not help to break this law again,” said Yehor Soboliev.

The MP asks people to gather at the building of the Verkhovna Rada, because after 4 pm the parliament session will already begin.

“We must save the independence of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. This whole situation happened because in the course of investigation NABU started closing in on Arsen Avakov, Mykola Martynnyk, and on the top leadership of the state. I think that after the announcement of suspicion to Onyshchenko and Nasirov, both Volodymyr Hroisman and Petro Poroshenko, as well as and many others realized that they could be next.

NABU is the last body that, together with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, is not involved in the system of mutual covering-up. This is the last organization that makes top corrupt officials be held accountable in a lawful, civilized, legitimate way. It is important for everyone to protect it,” Yehor Soboliev is convinced.

Yehor Sobolev
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