“Lviv has to say its word today” – Oleh Bereziuk

Chairman of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk, Vice Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid, and MP Taras Pastukh stopped their hunger strike.
“For six days here I felt much more useful than for two and a half years in the parliament. But I’m very sorry that I had to be there for these six days. I want to live and work in a state where a person is a value, where there are real state institutes.
A great and wise man, His Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar, let his soul rest in peace, said, “It doesn’t matter with whom and how, but we must be doing this great work.” It was the construction of the state that he called a great work. It is not an easy task; but the main thing is to do it honestly, openly and professionally.
Taras Pastukh and I gave it a thought and we talked with our friends. I believe that now we can be more useful in Lviv, where a city meeting is going to take place tomorrow. Because Lviv has to say its word today. By and large, here we have got no one to talk to. We decided that today we would finish this difficult road and would start a next one,” said Oleh Bereziuk, chairman of the Samopomich faction.
“Today I have dubious feelings: on the one hand, they are pleasant, because Lviv has shown that it is able to withstand a siege, and the Lviv people are able to unite. These few days made us rethink the attitude towards the state institutions – the president, the prime minister, who obviously decided to surpass the “achievements” of their predecessors. This should be another signal for Ukrainians that we have no right to let our guard down,” MP Taras Pastukh said.
The mayor of Lviv thanked his colleagues and once again noted that Lviv had managed to achieve some progress with the garbage blockade due to their principled position – there are first “cracks” of the garbage blockade.
“Together with Oleh Bereziuk and many other friends in 2006 we started building a successful city of Lviv and realized that it was possible. Therefore, more than three years ago, we started building a successful country. Even in the worst nightmare we could not assume that our intentions would cause such resistance.
What we have witnessed this year is probably the apogee. But this is also a definite diagnosis of the state and the people who are leading it. I do not know if we could have reached any result – this “crack” of the garbage blockade – but for the deed of Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroyid and Taras Pastukh. The authorities failed to break us – we survived. I would like to thank my colleagues, because without them we wouldn’t have managed to achieve many things. This is a very big support for Lviv,” said the mayor of Lviv, the leader of the Samopomich Union faction Andriy Sadovyi.

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