Oksana Syroid: Today, in almost every European country there are political parties financed by Russia
Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Oksana Syroid, believes that Russia is waging a war against Europe; but this war is a hybrid one and not everybody can see it yet.
“Almost every European country has an extreme left-wing or extreme right-wing party which is directly funded by Russia. The Russian Federation has its own media, non-governmental organizations, and a lot of money is invested in real estate and business. Some people are beginning to realize this today, but unfortunately, these people are few and they do not make decisions in the European countries,” says Oksana Syroid.
The Vice Speaker says that the world has been playing a giveaway game with Russia for many years. “Ukraine has become a cornerstone for the Western countries, and now they have to choose between the liberal values they declared – freedom, democracy, the rule of law – and power, fear, and the trade balance. Because what is happening within the Minsk process runs contrary to all the liberal values. Minsk is a punishment of a victim, humiliation of the dignity of a forty million nation; it is contrary to the principles of democracy and the rule of law,” says Oksana Syroid.
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