“Today Ukraine was robbed of fiscal decentralization,” Roman Semenukha

Today, adopting the laws necessary for the formation of the state budget for 2017 the Verkhovna Rada has introduced changes to the Budget Code of Ukraine. According to these changes, part of the spending in the educational and medical spheres is transferred from the state budget to the local budgets.
Samopomich MP, Roman Semenukha, believes such a decision is a wrongful one. He explains, “That what happened to the Budget Code, unfortunately, means just one thing – today is a black day for decentralization of Ukraine.”
Yet, changes to the Budget Code are not the only controversial decision adopted by the Parliament today, because changes to the Tax Code were also supported.
“Due to the Samopomich Union faction among other things, Andriy Zhurzhiy, Viktoriia Voitsitska and other deputies managed to remove (from the document), the majority of corruption norms. But almost all the corruption whims were brought back. Accordingly, that means we are not going to have a quality Tax Code,” emphasizes Roman Semenukha.

Roman Semenuha
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