Soboliev: Ukraine needs a court which will finally jail corrupt officials

The events of the past week when the National Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested the defendants in the case of embezzlement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ funds have once again demonstrated that the Verkhovna Rada must adopt a law on the creation of the Anticorruption Court as soon as possible. This court will finally jail corrupt officials, instead of releasing them on bail, with electronic bracelets or without them. Such an opinion was expressed by Samopomich MP, chairman of the parliamentary anti-corruption committee Yehor Soboliev.

He believes that the authorities must stop delaying this process.

Yehor Soboliev notes: “A representative of the President on his behalf suggested creating another working group to draft a bill on the Anti-Corruption Court. I would like to remind the representative of the President and Petro Poroshenko himself that the relevant bill was developed a year ago and was offered to the President personally. The document has already been evaluated by the Venice Commission, which said that that was a good basis for the formation of such a court. I want to remind Petro Poroshenko and all people’s deputies that there are people standing outside the parliament round the clock asking us, among other things, to pass this decision. I think this is the motivation to act.”

Commenting on the statement that the President can submit his bill to the parliament only in two weeks, the MP emphasizes: “In two weeks, the parliament will again work in constituencies and committees, and the next time it will meet will be on December 5 only. If the strategy is to delay the process as much as possible or to avoid doing this altogether, then this is a bad strategy for both the President of Ukraine and the parliament.”

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