Soboliev: “The President no longer has any excuses for not introducing the bill on the Anti-Corruption Court”

The parliament has finally supported the recall of the deputy bill on the formation of an independent anti-corruption court.

As noted by Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev, this bill was drafted a year ago together with the public and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, and it was suggested that Petro Poroshenko become its author.

“The President was evasive. Therefore, on February 1, we registered the bill on the creation of the anti-corruption court ourselves. The President together with the majority of people’s deputies were trying in every possible way to prevent the bill from even being considered. It was the evaluation of the Venice Commission that helped us. The Commission called our bill a good basis for creating the Anti-Corruption Court and expressed the opinion that it would be better if the President were the author.

On October 17, the day we took to the streets demanding the adoption of the anti-corruption laws, I personally handed in the text of the bill to the Presidential Administration. I also wrote an appeal to the parliament with a request to remove the bill from consideration. For two months deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, People’s Front, and the Opposition Bloc did not give enough votes for this formal decision. While the President pretended that he could not introduce an alternative bill under such conditions, although he had done so dozens of times,” notes Yehor Soboliev and adds that now this last formal barrier has been eliminated.

“We move on. The main idea of our bill is that the judges of the Anti-Corruption Court should be selected with the help of the EU, the United States, so that there is really an honest selection. There is information that Petro Poroshenko is drafting the bill in a way that will only let external experts advise on the selection, which will let him stuff the court with corrupt judges again, yet tell everybody, “Here’s your Anti-Corruption Court. You asked for it – take it. “Therefore, the struggle is still ahead,” Yehor Soboliev concludes.

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