Soboliev: Those who feel much unchallenged today can very quickly end up in the dock

As part of the collective security network “Protect”, MP Yehor Soboliev from the Samopomich Union faction draws the attention of society to an activist from Odesa Svitlana Pidpala. She is one of the local activists who are fighting for Odesa to remain a beautiful gem within Ukraine. In particular, the activist advocates the preservation of the “Summer Theatre”, at the site of which new buildings are going to be constructed.

The parliamentarian notes: “Everyone knows how difficult it is for the Odesa community to defend their position and their city. The Prosecutor General, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the President of Ukraine, who did not ensure a single investigation of the attacks on Odesa activists and did not punish those who committed and organized these attacks, are directly responsible for this.”

At the same time, everybody in Odesa knows the names of those involved in repressions against local activists. “Yet the central authorities decided that in exchange for covering up the criminals, they will receive their support, their votes in the elections and other kinds of assistance,” Yehor Soboliev expresses his indignation. “Such hard math will not bring anything good either to Ukraine or Odesa or to those who participate in these operations.”

The lawmaker appeals to the Odesa activists: “You are not alone! We care about your fate, we follow your activities and warn any potential attackers that they should stay away from you. Ukrainians will inevitably change the authorities, this is in our blood. Those who feel much unchallenged today can very quickly end up in the dock.”

We shall recall that in November 2018, the All-Ukrainian collective security network “Protect” was presented. Its goal is to prevent possible attacks on public activists, which have recently become very common in the country. Yehor Soboliev is one of the activists of the network.

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