“This is the parliament’s fight for the independence of Ukraine” – Soboliev

Yehor Soboliev, MP representing the Samopomich Union faction, believes that when the country is attacked the first thing that the leaders of the state should do for their people is as follows – the president and parliament must come out and say, “The war against us began, let’s defend ourselves.”

“The law itself will not liberate Ukrainian lands – they will be only liberated by the Ukrainian army. But in order for this army to fight, for the whole society to fight for independence, the law should proclaim a position. A position on behalf of the whole state, on behalf of the parliament, on behalf of the president of Ukraine, who has to sign the law,” the MP notes.

Therefore, he says, it is very important to really recognize Putin as the aggressor, instead of just calling on to do so. “We cannot write in the law “the war has already begun, let’s not declare it”, because this is an escape from responsibility.”

There is a second very important matter emphasized by Yehor Soboliev: how come the idea to let the generals determine which goods can be moved across the front line arose in this law. “A war is a fight till the victory. I will not talk about the corruption among generals – everyone knows this better than I do. But what are we doing to our soldiers? What will they feel knowing there are trains and trucks behind their backs, and someone is making good money from this?”

Therefore, he appeals to all MPs, “Let’s make this decision, but let’s make it real. This is the parliament’s fight for the independence of Ukraine. And it depends on everyone present here whether or not we will win this fight,” Yehor Soboliev urges.

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