Soboliev: For the investigation of the attacks on activists to be independent, Avakov and Lutsenko must both resign

MP Yehor Soboliev of the Samopomich parliamentary faction demands the resignation of both the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“The Prosecutor General and the Minister of Internal Affairs are presenting a clear message to us – a public activist, journalist, person caring for Ukraine has to die to have their case finally investigated,” says the lawmaker. He notes that if the performers and most importantly the contractors of the attacks had been found on time (right after the first attacks that began after Euromaidan), many people would have survived, many people would not have been crippled, many would not be afraid.

Soboliev asks, “Is it possible that the Minister of Internal Affairs, the head of the National Police, the Prosecutor General do not understand that it is the impunity that promotes further crimes? The impunity of the contractors and coverage of their crimes by heads of police, heads of prosecutor’s offices on the ground. Does anyone in this hall really think that without the consent — tacit or by agreement — of the leadership of the local power structures, someone can look for the performers, pay them and ask to attack this or that person?”

There have been dozens of attacks on activists across the country. Activists are gathering under the Presidential Administration, they are addressing MPs, they are saying it to the whole world, “Please, protect us! We are scared! Our police, our Prosecutor General’s Office are not investigating crimes.”

Soboliev says about an activist Serhiy Sternenko from Odesa, who survived three armed attacks with an aim of killing him. The activist appealed to the MP, “Ask, please, why is it so that when I tell them who the organizer of the attack is, when I point to those who actually attacked me, nothing is done and no one is even detained. Why do I have to go to court to ask investigators to fulfill their duty?”

Yehor Soboliev notes that Samopomich insists on professional investigations. All leaks that interfere with the investigation and of which the Prosecutor General Lutsenko spoke in the Verkhovna Rada should be investigated. However, leakage from an investigation is impossible without the involvement of the investigator or the prosecutor.

“Undoubtedly, we share the opinion that such attacks cannot be used for political purposes, and Samopomich will not do this. We have one and only request for the investigation to be independent – Lutsenko and Avakov have to resign together,” underlines Soboliev.

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