Soboliev: Sadovyi has every chance to spread the success of Lviv throughout the whole country

Andriy Sadovyi is the most prepared presidential candidate of Ukraine among other candidates for this position. This is emphasized by MP Yehor Soboliev from the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction when answering the question why he supports Andriy Sadovyi in the presidential election.

The parliamentarian argues, “He has administrative experience, he knows how the administration of Ukraine works at present. We are witnessing Lviv becoming more and more beautiful. He has the ability and experience of being under pressure. In politics, the ability to withstand pressure is one of the required skills. No president will be successful if it is easy to break, bend and bribe him or her. This is one of the arguments in favour of Sadovyi.”

Thirdly, Andriy Sadovyi has a team. The newly elected President will have to appoint thousands of leaders to the most important positions alone. Yehor Soboliev notes, “Samopomich – the party that Sadovyi created – has attracted more than one hundred intelligent principled people.”

The people’s deputy concludes, “He has every chance to spread the success of the city throughout the whole country. If you want to have a successful city, come to Lviv, learn from its experience. If you want to have a successful country, vote for Andriy Sadovyi and see these changes all over the state.”

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