Soboliev to the President: “If you want to continue to be the President of Ukraine, businessman Poroshenko must resign”

Samopomich deputy, chairman of the Anticorruption Committee of the Parliament Yehor Soboliev notes, “When people gathered outside the Verkhovna Rada and decided to remain there, the parliament began to vote for decisions that have been slowed down for years. To start with, the first step was taken to abolish the immunity of the deputies; an even more important event took place on Tuesday – we adopted in the first reading new election rules, which we hope will allow having more people’s representatives rather than oligarchs in the parliament.”

However, Yehor Soboliev believes that the most important decision on the creation of the Anticorruption Court still remains tightly blocked.

He is convinced that it is the President that bears responsibility for this, since the President is the one who, in accordance with the current legislation, should initiate the creation of courts.

The MP says, “The president, with the help of the parliamentary majority, continues to play the game of “I cannot submit the document, the deputies’ bill has not been withdrawn.”

Yehor Soboliev addresses The President, “I would like to tell Petro Poroshenko that deception, delaying, playing games with society result in nothing good. If you want to continue to be the President of Ukraine, businessman Poroshenko must resign. Stop playing with the patience of people. This country needs to have some rules established; the Anti-Corruption Court is of utmost importance from this perspective.”

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