Soboliev: We must fight for the dismissal of any Prosecutor General, until we get the one who will start investigating the crimes against Maidan

If the crimes against Maidan are investigated and their perpetrators and organizers are brought to justice, the mutual covering-up system between the former and the current leadership of Ukraine will be broken. This was stated by MP from the Samopomich Union faction, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Yehor Soboliev, after the meeting of the body.

The meeting took place today and it was devoted to the consideration of issues regarding the results of the investigation of the crimes against Euromaidan. The meeting was attended not only by the MPs, but also by the relatives of the Heavenly hundred, their lawyers and representatives of law enforcement agencies.

After the meeting, Yehor Soboliev said that he would initiate Yuriy Lutsenko’s resignation from his post as Prosecutor General, since he is not investigating the Euromaidan cases.

“I strongly believe this is some kind of sabotage on the highest level. Even on those cases that reached the court the hearings are conducted in such a way that ensures there are no sentences or they are merely tokenistic. As of today, there are eight people sentenced – one “thug for hire” and seven policemen. All of them were put on probation. Moreover, the majority of the most important cases did not get to court at all and are still at the stage of investigation, while the very investigation is now falling apart,” Yehor Soboliev says.

He calls Yuriy Lutsenko’s actions in the Prosecutor General’s Office’s a collapse of the concept of proper and effective investigation and states he will initiate resignation of Lutsenko.

“As it was previously with ex-chiefs of the Prosecutor General’s Office, I will be all over the Verkhovna Rada collecting the necessary 150 signatures, following which the Parliament should vote a resolution of no confidence in the Prosecutor General. 226 votes would mean that Yuriy Lutsenko is longer Prosecutor General,” Yehor Soboliev said.

The MP adds, “Being representatives of the people, we have to fight with each new Prosecutor General until there is the one who will really start investigating the crimes against Maidan”.

In summary, the politician reminds that it is necessary to break the mutual covering-up system between the people of current President Petro Poroshenko and fugitive Viktor Yanukovych. Punishment of the organizers and perpetrators of the crimes in the time of the Revolution of Dignity will help us do this.

“Without doubt, the Prosecutor General is one of those people who need to break this system. As long as we have a dependent, dishonest, inefficient Prosecutor General, there will be nothing good,” Yehor Soboliev reassures.

Yehor Sobolev
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