Soboliev: Potential attackers should know that social activists are not alone. This is why we are creating a collective security system “Protect”

MP Yehor Soboliev from the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction promises to ensure the protection of public activists and other citizens who are opposing the system of corruption, lawlessness and arbitrariness and who are facing pressure and threats. To do this, a system of collective security “Protect” is created.

“Let’s warn each other about the danger in advance. I am asking everyone who is doing something good in their community or for society to tell us if you feel any threat in connection with doing these things. We will put you on a special open list of people in need of social protection. We will draw the attention of the police, the local community, the media to the fact that there is such a problem and you need this protection. And of course, if there are any unlawful actions performed against you, we will come to help you, along with journalists, along with lawyers who are ready to defend.”

“Potential attackers, potential criminals should know that you are not alone. They should know that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are ready to stand up for you. We called this system of collective security “Protect”, and we ask you to contact us so we could make sure that nothing bad happens.”

Over the past year, there have been more than fifty attacks on social activists in Ukraine. One of the most hard-hitting is the story of Kateryna Handziuk, who was doused with acid near her house in Kherson, and who later died in the hospital. The investigation still has not established who is behind this attack.

Yehor Soboliev notes, “We really want to stop the big wave of repression, attacks, attempted murders, which is, unfortunately, coming from the part of Ukraine which stands for corruption, for the “Russian world”, for arbitrariness. We really want to protect you not when the attacks have taken place – as it is often the case – but before, to make sure that nothing happens to you. We cannot do this instead of the Prosecutor General or instead of the Minister of Internal Affairs, because these are their direct duties, which they fail to perform (this is why I insist on dismissing these people). But together we can make another, more effective, more important decision.”

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