Soboliev: Parliament must create an Anti-Corruption Court and limit immunity
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As noted by MP representing Samopomich Union, Yehor Soboliev, yesterday the society had an opportunity to see how big the mutual covering up system is and how much work needs to be done to overcome it.

“What to do next? We still have a day and a half, and Samopomich suggests spending it on the adoption of two extremely important decisions. First of all, this the bill drafted by our MPs Andriy Zhurzhiy and Roman Semenukha – the bill on the limitation of parliamentary immunity. It allows taking away the passport from a deputy accused or suspected by NABU investigators and SAP prosecutors, and sets strict deadlines for the parliament to provide permissions for bringing MPs to criminal liability.

The second very important law is the one on creation of the Anti-Corruption Court. This is the law proposed by me and my colleagues back on February 1. If this decision is adopted, our MPs won’t feel so secure. After all, today Rosenblat, Poliakov, and Dovhyi all say that they will go to court and prove their rightness there. They know that there is no fair trial – there are all the same dependent people who are part of the corrupt system,” says Yehor Soboliev.

The MP notes that people should also participate in the struggle for a prosperous state. “I am grateful to everyone who came yesterday and fought with us. 20-30 people who work for the society in the parliament cannot overcome 200-300 others if there is no active support of citizens. The Swedes, the Dutch, the Americans have made their states successful due to their hard work, sweat and often blood. We must also go through this path.

We must learn not to elect such people as Dobkin and Rozenblat and many others. We must learn to manage our parliament when it is deceived or breaches the law itself. We are here, inside, we will go on fighting. But we need to be numerous outside the Rada as well to make this happen.”

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