Soboliev: Our compatriots abroad cannot exercise their right to vote

Samopomich deputies Yehor Soboliev and Oleksandr Danchenko prepared a decision which should make it possible for Ukrainians abroad to vote quickly and easily. After all, now these people are actually deprived of their voting rights.

Yehor Soboliev notes: “Whoever is elected at this election, this person will not represent the millions of Ukrainian citizens who do not live in the occupied and annexed territories, but live in successful countries of the world from Canada to Australia. In Poland, according to official data alone, there are 1 million Ukrainians; but in reality, according to various estimates, this figure is 2-4 times as high.”

Meanwhile, in Poland, there will be only 4 polling stations set up. This means that only 20,000 people will be able to vote.

“This is not to mention the situation in other countries, where there are so many of our people who do not forget their origin, who did a lot during Euromaidan, during the war. Very often, these people successfully perform diplomatic work for us. They will not be able to vote. “

The voting procedure for Ukrainians abroad is complicated, long and expensive, says Yehor Soboliev:

“In order to inform the voter register about a new voting place, one must travel across the whole country and write a statement at the embassy. This makes no sense. The register of voters has long been kept in electronic form. The current procedure only means expenses of taxpayers on the delivery of this statement to the Foreign Ministry in Kyiv and then to the voter register. This is the money that we throw down the drain.”

So, the representatives of Samopomich demand to provide our citizens with the opportunity to easily report that they live in another place and want to vote there. “The next step is to increase the number of polling stations where Ukrainians will be able to vote for the Ukrainian President and the Ukrainian parliament,” notes Soboliev.


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