Soboliev: We will continue to protect people who stand up for the matters important for the whole country

MP Yehor Soboliev from the Samopomich faction is appealing to the prosecutor of the Kharkiv region Yuriy Danylchenko with a request to check how the criminal proceedings launched in connection with the cases of pressure on the public activist Olena Reshetko are investigated.

Olena Reshetko is an eco-activist from Kharkiv. She used to work in the tax office, now she is retired and dedicates all of her time to the protection of the environment of the city and region. Olena heads the “EKOtsyd” public organization, for many years she has been fighting against the emissions of harmful substances from local industrial facilities. Because of her activities, Olena Reshetko has been repeatedly threatened. And when the woman began to fight with emissions from the Kharkiv Coke Plant, somebody brought a funeral wreath to her flat.

Soboliev is also addressing Reshetko’s offenders, “I want all her attackers to know – she is not alone, there are many people following her, those who will come to her aid, and you will not remain unpunished. I strongly advise you to leave her alone. We will continue to protect people who stand up for the matters important for the whole country.”

We shall note that it is the Samopomich deputy Yehor Soboliev who initiated the “Protect” project. Its purpose is to protect people who are defending the interests of their community or the interests of the whole society against attacks on them throughout the country. Social activists are often attacked and, as a rule, attackers think that they will go unpunished and will “arrange” everything with law enforcement agencies. Yehor and “Protect” emphasize: social activists should know that they are not alone, but when we make the stories of their struggle known to the public, this becomes a guarantee that nothing will happen to these activists.

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