Soboliev: “Lutsenko must resign. He knows nothing either about national interests or about the law”

“We suggest bringing to liability Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko. Today, perhaps, there is not a single person in the country who has not heard about the last decision of the GPU to officially extradite the Ingush who was hiding in Ukraine from the Russian special services. He was extradited under the pretext that Russia considers him an enemy and appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, and the latter decided to be of service. The thing is that Russia sees 90% of the world as its enemy. So who is going to be the next one extradited by Yuriy Lutsenko and his subordinates? We would like to emphasize that things like this take place every week.

Last time, Prosecutor General decided to get into the mobile phone of an investigative journalist Natalia Sedletska and get access to the data of the last 17 months. In addition, the Prosecutor General is personally responsible for the failure of the investigation into the case of Hennadiy Kernes – his subordinates simply did not go to court, and the court had no other choice than to close the proceeding. Things like this happen every week and they are the responsibility of the President of Ukraine, who was the one to suggest appointing Yuriy Lutsenko to the post of Prosecutor General, and the MPs who voted for this decision,” says Yehor Soboliev.

The MP reminds that back then Samopomich voted against this decision and warned that it was a bad decision.

“Every week, every month of his tenure confirms this. The parliament must correct this. Yuriy Lutsenko knows nothing either about national interests, about the law or the Prosecutor General’s Office. We are urging MPs to pass a no-confidence motion against Yuriy Lutsenko and consider his resignation. This is the authority of the parliament provided for in the Constitution, and this will be approved by the absolute majority of citizens who see how Lutsenko is covering top corruption and is actually helping the enemies of Ukraine,” insists Yehor Soboliev.

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