Soboliev: “Corrupt President wants to deceive people again”

Ukraine needs a court to which corrupt ministers, MPs, managers would be brought in handcuffs and which having examined all the evidence would send them to prisons. This was stated by a deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Yehor Soboliev who is actively advocating the idea of creating an independent anti-corruption court in Ukraine.

He notes, “The main fight will be waged concerning the question of what the Anti-Corruption Court should be like. We need a real Anti-Corruption Court with principled judges who will bring ministers, MPs, various managers to responsibility. The corrupt President and the corrupt majority in the parliament want to have a dependent Anti-Corruption Court, which will only have a nice name but will be nothing new in reality. They have done this trick before. How many reforms have there been which turned out to be a deception of people?”

Thus, Yehor Soboliev believes that the main fight will be waged in relation to two regulations. “First of all, what kind of cases should this court deal with? Our suggestion is that it should only focus on top corruption cases exclusively. While the President offers to give this court all kinds of cases. This is a very tricky way to pile it up with insignificant work.

Secondly, who will appoint judges? The President suggests that this should be done by the dependent and corrupt Supreme Council of Justice. We say, “No, let the United States Government, the European Union, and Canada help us find candidates for the Anti-Corruption Court.”

Yehor Sobolev
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