Soboliev: The leadership of the special services will have to explain how come Ukraine’s second-ranking intelligence officer owns millions of dollars

Samopomich deputy Yehor Soboliev is demanding an immediate report from the leaders of the special security services on the illegal enrichment of Serhiy Semochko, who is the former chairman of the SBU’s economic counterintelligence and present deputy head of foreign intelligence. Also, the Verkhovna Rada committees on defence and anti-corruption should immediately react to the situation that has arisen with the high-ranking intelligence officer.

“We must do something about this horrible story that was exposed by journalists,” says Soboliev.

“We understand why the President is silent – such an appointment could not have taken place without his involvement. But we do not understand why the parliament is silent.”

We are talking about an investigation of the team of Denys Bihus for “Our Money” program. The journalists found out that Serhiy Semochko, born in Yalta, who had previously headed economic counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine and now is the first deputy chairman of foreign intelligence, has a fortune of $8 million, uses a helicopter and expensive offroaders.

Soboliev says, “A man who was responsible for the economic counterintelligence, who is now responsible for foreign intelligence, could have not possibly earned so much without selling the national interests of Ukraine during the war.”

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