Soboliev: It was the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Shevchuk who pushed through the decision to cancel the article on punishment for illegal enrichment

According to the information of MP Yehor Soboliev, it is the head of the Constitutional Court Stanislav Shevchuk who stands behind the decision of the Constitutional Court on recognizing unconstitutional the article on illegal enrichment. The motives of the later could not be more trivial:

“There is information that the current chairman of the Constitutional Court intends to get a large estate in a prestigious area near Kyiv. And the abolition of the article on illegal enrichment allows him, like any other official, to simply declare a new property without the obligation to prove or explain something to someone.”

Soboliev notes that Stanislav Shevchuk is the person who got to the Constitutional Court after Maidan, when the parliament recalled those judges who had given Yanukovych additional powers, and appointed new people, among whom, there was Stanislav Shevchuk.

“People working with him say that he is turning the court into a corruption one. And this is the Constitutional Court. Go to their website and see what decisions the Constitutional Court is currently considering: on Privatbank, on other business entities that should be subject to a completely different court.”

We shall recall that the Constitutional Court recognized as unconstitutional Article 368-2 of the Criminal Code, which provides for punishing officials for illegal enrichment.

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