The health-care unit #14 in Smila is finally connected to heat supply, and today the institution should be connected to the electric grid

This was reported by the staff of the State Institution “Specialized Health-Care Unit #14” under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This became possible after a protest of medical workers outside the buildings of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and thanks to the support of MP Iryna Sysoyenko.

As it was informed earlier, from the beginning of the year the doctors of this health-care unit worked in the cold, without electricity, receiving no wages. Now the state’s debt to the state institution is more than 13 million hryvnias.

The staff of the medical institution expresses sincere gratitude to MP Iryna Sysoyenko. “Thanks to her indifference to someone else’s trouble, thanks to her striving for justice, we again felt like equal members of the Ukrainian society.

Despite the fact that for almost a year we have been constantly fighting for our rights, have been knocking on all the doors, nobody heard us – the appeal says. Thanks to the persistent actions of Iryna Sysoyenko, once a fairly powerful medical institution – which is now in a state of gradual decline – begins to revive. We were promised to receive the wages we earned, and we will be able to pay off our debts. We were promised to receive funds, and we will be able to pay off the debts for utilities. Today we were allowed to connect to the heat supply network, and soon the patients will no longer have to wrap themselves in many lawyers of warm blankets, and the staff will work comfortably. We love our institution and want it to live; we want to fulfill our professional duty, our vocation! After all, a medical worker is not even a profession, it is a state of mind! And we are very grateful to you, Mrs. Sysoyenko for having revived our souls!”


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