“Servants of the oligarchs are fighting with those who tell them the truth” – Oleh Bereziuk

The chairman of the Samopomich Union faction calls on the authorities to stop the persecution of Samopomich representatives in the local self-government bodies. According to him, during the past three days, the party members have been under direct pressure.

“Zaporizhia: chairman of the regional organization, deputy chairman of the regional council – a criminal case initiated, interrogations, unprincipled and unreasonable pressure. Lutsk: chairman of the regional Samopomich organization, secretary of the city council – illegitimately suspended from her duties. Moreover, yesterday the court restored her powers, but the same judge called her last night and said that the court’s decision was quashed because she could not live under such pressure. Zhytomyr: yesterday the mayor arrived from the meeting in Kyiv, summoned the secretary of the council – chairman of the regional Samopomich organization – and asked to hand in a resignation notice, because there is an order from Kyiv to do away with everybody from Samopomich. Lviv: chairman of the regional Samopomich organization, deputy chairman of the regional council – moral pressure, collection of votes to dismiss from the post. Lviv: unprecedented pressure on the leader of the party, the city is taken under siege.

Dear servants of the oligarchs, haven’t you confused who the enemy is by any chance? Do you fight with those and dismiss those who tell you the truth and help maintain stability and the government’s credibility in this country? Or are you faithfully serving the oligarchy and the Russian empire? You slap us in the face – we will turn the other cheek, only for the sake of saving this state!

We are a small, weak political party, but we are defending the interests of people and will always be with them. Because people are the source of power in this country, not the oligarchic clique. Remember this! The government is being forced to take the path of Yanukovych’s previous government. It is successfully going into this non-existence. Stop, for woe unto you!” says Oleh Bereziuk.

Oleh Berezyuk
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