“How much does an attack on an activist cost?” A rally in support of Dmytro Bulakh took place in Kharkiv

Today, on August 31, in Kharkiv in front of the regional state administration building, a rally was held in support of Dmytro Bulakh – a deputy of the regional council representing Samopomich faction and chairman of the board of the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre – who was attacked yesterday.
About 100 people gathered with posters saying, “How much does an attack on an activist cost?”, “Activists in danger”, “The times of Yanukovych are back”, “We demand to find and punish the executors and customers of the attack on Dmytro!” and so on.
The rally featured Kharkiv Euro-Maidan activists, Samopomich deputies and Bulakh’s colleagues from Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre who assured that anti-corruption activities would continue.
“When political issues are resolved by force, this is not even a lack of civilized means, this is a threat to state’s security. When somebody oversteps all bounds and tries to solve problems by force, this leads to the usurpation of power, closure of society, lack of freedom. A democratic state ceases to exist as such when things like this happen. Now we have to make every effort to continue the investigations that Dmytro has started. This is our top priority. We demand that the law enforcement bodies, the regional and city authorities ensure that the investigation is successful. Until now, the people responsible for the attacks, beatings and killings of activists in 2013-2014 have not been punished. This is a very bad sign. But we will do our best to make sure the perpetrators of the attack on Bulakh are found and punished,” Samopomich MP Yaroslav Markevych promised.
The rally was also attended by MP Roman Semenukha. He believes that the attack on Bulakh is not connected with his party affiliation, while it is a bright example of the fight against ideological dissension, which has been ongoing for some time in Ukraine and Kharkiv in particular. He urged not to use violent methods in the political struggle.
“In recent years, the attacks on activists have become more common. And now this happened on the eve of the session of the regional council and on the eve of the arrival of the President, who will be in Kharkiv on September 1. Is this accidental? Yesterday’s event has become a high profile one all over the region. I think this is due to the fact that the victim is a deputy of the regional council. People in Kharkiv are persecuted. This is unacceptable.
The fight against dissent continues. In Ukraine, a lot of proceedings have been opened against activists, as well as against the representatives of Samopomich. I urge you to stop and use no violent methods in the political struggle. I also appeal to the head of the regional state administration and to the heads of the law enforcement bodies, because I am convinced that they are also interested in ensuring that peace and stability return to the city,” the people’s deputy stated.

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