Concerning the project “Wall” and those who should have long been “nailed to the wall” – Semenchenko

Yesterday NABU conducted a series of detentions and searches in the framework of an investigation into the criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds for the “Wall” project.

The main person involved in the case is Colonel Atamaniuk, the head of the construction department of the State Border Service. The case is complex, there are a lot of questions, so I would like to focus only on facts now.

  1. The very name of “Wall” is a plain publicity move; no one was going to put an actual wall there. In fact, these are ordinary engineering structures that were to appear along the entire border with the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea. It should have looked like on the picture below.

The Chairman of the State Border Service stated that the “Wall” was financed by 15%. For these 15% there are estimates and contracts approved, payments made. There are even reports of completion. All these things are there, while the “Wall” itself, in many cases, is not there yet. It was this fact that launched the investigation of the NABU (in March 2016).

  1. According to the Law, it was Colonel Atamaniuk who was supposed to be in charge of the construction process and the comprehensive inspection of all lines of engineering facilities. He never did it. As it turned out, de facto this was neither done by the Control and Auditing Office or Financial Inspection. “Valiant” military prosecutor Matios and no less “valiant” chairman of the Security Service Hrytsak did not do this either. Yet, this check was made by NABU detectives. They simply walked 10 km every day along the entire border line and fixed everything that was supposed to be there in accordance with the papers, for what money had been paid and the reports of completion had been signed.

Then, the cement with which pillars and other building materials had been concreted were sent for an examination. The results did not take long. The very first examination showed multiple deviations from the norm in the cement composition. That is, the sand was rather mixed “with water” than with real cement. Of course, the detectives also discovered some perfect sites – equipped with cameras and sensors. These are the sites where inspectors and journalists were usually taken to. But, in many cases, the “Wall” has turned into what you can see in the second photo below, or even into an “open country”. Why is it so? Among other things, this is because of the fact that due to the lack of concreting of pillars, peasants from the Russian side dismantled this fence by simply removing the pillars from the ground along with the fence itself.

  1. The detectives also set sights onto the addressees to whom the budget money was sent. Very often these addressees turned out to be fictitious companies, and money was paid to them in a non-transparent way in cash. The mediator who collected the cashed money from the merchants and handed them over to Colonel Atamaniuk was also detained yesterday. 1.5 million hryvnias in cash were found at his home. He could not explain the origin of this money. Atamaniuk kept something to himself; according to the investigation, he gave the rest to those higher-ranking ones. This is how half a billion hryvnias of budget money has been “implemented”, while ordinary citizens of Ukraine have been collecting money for the army coin by coin.
  2. The activity of Colonel Atmaniuk was highly appreciated by Petro Poroshenko. In 2015, he personally awarded Atamaniuk with the title of Honored Builder of Ukraine.


The analysis of the situation shows that this time no one will openly defend the performers. There will be more subtle moves: now at all TV channels and social networks corrupt deputies, “experts” and “leaders of public opinion” will begin to convince us that all this is nothing more than a “public move” and all this “does not make sense.” This will be done in order to deceive people; in order to make sure that when in the autumn the corrupt leadership of the country will try to destroy the NABU no one will come out in their support.

It is not the NABU that does justice – this is the court! The court is under full control of the corrupt government now. But this autumn we are waiting for the moment of truth. Either the civil society achieves a positive voting in the Rada for the creation of a separate anti-corruption court, or all options for evolutionary development will be officially exhausted.

And then the project “Wall” will again be in demand. But this will be the wall for the thugs that are embezzling Ukraine at its most difficult time. I’m an optimist. Therefore, I’m doing my best to have both wall projects implemented.

Glory to Ukraine!

NABU – Well done!

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