In order to save the emergency medical care service, it is necessary to come up with the state program as soon as possible and increase the salaries of doctors

This was stated by MP Iryna Sysoyenko, deputy chairperson of the Health Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, during a meeting of directors of emergency and disaster medicine centres with the members of the working group and experts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which was held on May 14 in Odesa.

“We have faced a serious challenge – the need to save the EMC service. I believe that legislative and government initiatives which will then become mandatory for the whole of Ukraine should not be created exclusively in Kyiv. Together, we must develop a state program in order to ensure that the work of the emergency medical service is really effective and meets European standards,” Iryna stressed. “EMC employees must receive competitive wages. This is the only way to stop the outflow of personnel.”

It is also necessary to improve the physical infrastructure and facilities, in particular, to purchase cars and equipment, to launch unified operational dispatch services in all regions of the state and to adopt a single state standard for their integration into the all-Ukrainian network. The participants of the meeting were promised that their proposals would be taken into account when developing an integrated state program.

A special attention was drawn to the pilot project of creating an Emergency room with a telemedicine office on the basis of the Okny district hospital in Odesa region. It is planned to form a vertically integrated system, which will include the Centre for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine with the Single Operational Dispatch Service of Odesa (SODS) and the Telemedicine Consultation Centre, as well as 25 other modern emergency aid units. They are to be opened on the basis of the central district hospitals of the Odesa region.

The participants of the meeting had a chance to learn the advantages of the model that is successfully applied in the US and Canada during a visit to the SODS and the Telemedicine Centre, where specialists analyse cardiograms and radiographs received by the Emergency room doctor and present their findings online in a matter of minutes. In the near future, a specialist in ultrasound diagnostics is going to be engaged in the consultations as well.

According to Iryna Sysoyenko, the emergency medical care service can be saved once changes are introduced in the state budget, once proper financing and effective use of each hryvnia are ensured.

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