Oleh Bereziuk: In order to win the trust of people we must fulfill our oath and deprive ourselves of the immunity

Samopomich Union faction left the hall of the Parliament and will not participate in the voting by the time Prosecutor General’s submission on lifting the immunity from MP Novinskyi is introduced in the Parliament.

“It’s a well-known fact that the Ukrainian army is very well trusted among the people of Ukraine. Why? Because these men and women are faithfully performing their duties and are not violating the oath given to the people of Ukraine. Why the Parliament, the Government, the authorities have no such trust of the nation? Because they are violating the oath they had given to the people of Ukraine. And there will be no trust if the oath is still violated in the future.

Trust is the legitimacy and ability of the authorities to be effective. We in this hall, on the contrary, are depreciating everything – the people and the state. The highest procedural figure of the country – the Prosecutor General, whom you have chosen – files a document on the removal of immunity from MP Novinskyi, and the Parliament says, “We do not trust you!” So dismiss the Prosecutor General if you don’t trust him!

Today, we are telling you, “In order to have the trust of people, it is necessary to fulfill the oath and deprive yourself of the immunity for the sake of justice and dignity.” Today we are not asking, but demanding – to introduce into the Parliament the submission of the Prosecutor General on removal of Novinskyi’s immunity. We also demand to introduce into the agenda the law on immunity of MPs and to consider it in the parliamentary hall. Because this is our task, our functional duty and oath to the people.

Today you are going to say that Samopomich left the hall again, while we have such important laws to be considered. “We adopt a lot of ineffective laws, in the security sphere among other things. Today you are planning to adopt the law on letting the contract soldiers leave the service. Try and do it! But you know what won’t happen now, will happen in two years.

Today, I, as the Chairman of the faction, received a message from the Government with a greeting on the Day of Local Self-Government. Today, you are going to vote for the Tax Code, which takes money from local budgets, including the money from the excise tax on fuel. At a time when people and communities have started investing in this industry this is a hypocrisy and a violation of the oath of the People’s Deputy before the people of Ukraine.

Therefore, today, in order to help the Government and Parliament make quality decisions, we won’t come back to the parliamentary hall by the time the submission of the Prosecutor General’s Office is introduced,” said Oleh Bereziuk, Chairman of the Samopomich Union faction, during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada.

Oleh Berezyuk
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