What does Samopomich offer for business? Tax on withdrawn capital, new labour law and reduction of tax pressure

Yesterday, Samopomich deputies, authorized representatives of the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi – Tetiana Ostrikova and Roman Semenukha – took part in a discussion with representatives of business associations.

The representatives of business associations presented the TOP-10 priorities to which the candidates and their teams should pay attention.

“Samopomich does not only declare support for these priorities, it is already fulfilling them and is working on further implementation,” noted people’s deputy Tetiana Ostrikova.

It is precisely due to Samopomich, which developed and defended the position on reducing the unified social tax, that the UST was reduced.

“Before 2015, the UST ranged from 36.7 to 49.7% depending on the class of occupational risk of production. In 2016, together we managed to reduce this figure by introducing a single reduced rate of 22%. This is not a declaration, not a project. These are real actions that have reduced the tax pressure on the Ukrainian business,” stated Roman Semenukha.

In addition to this, today, Samopomich deputies together with colleagues from other factions have registered a bill aimed at lightening the burden of the UST for entrepreneurs. It suggests eliminating the double taxation with the unified tax for the entrepreneurs who, in addition to entrepreneurial activities, have a main place of work.

Among other major priorities of Samopomich, there are the replacement of the income tax with a tax on withdrawn capital, the introduction of modern labour law and the preservation of the simplified tax system.

Tetiana Ostrikova and Roman Semenukha have noted that small and medium business are the engine of the Ukrainian economy, and the authorities should contribute to their development.

However, such changes and improvements in the business environment should be comprehensive. In addition to working conditions and reduction in taxes for employers, Ukrainians need to be provided with decent pensions. This is only possible with the introduction of the second level of the contributory pension system. In addition, the deputies note that the introduction of a new labour code that will simplify the life of Ukrainian entrepreneurs should also become one of the most important bills for business.

“Ukraine needs changes in labour relations. The current Labour Code does not regulate the relationship between the employer and the employee; it lacks key positions in relation to such modern forms of employment as outsourcing or full employment. The situation must be immediately changed for our labour relations to keep pace with the challenges of our time.”

It is quite real to bring to life the priorities of which the business speaks. The economic program of the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi includes the ideas, bills and practices of the Samopomich faction in the parliament; and the latter does not only declare, it actually implements real initiatives.

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