Chance to restore order: elections in UTC

Look at your apartment. I will be probably right saying that you are reading these lines in an ordered space. If it is not completely clean and not all dishes are washed or clothes washed – this is not a problem. You can turn on music, roll your sleeves, and get down to work. In a few hours the order will please the eye.

In a couple of days, there will be a chance to restore order not only in your home – there will be an opportunity to take care of a common house. After all, this Sunday there will be elections in the united territorial communities (UTC).

We will elect heads and deputies of new communities. They will not govern somewhere far away; there will be very near – in our streets, our villages, towns, and cities.

In the formation of the united territorial communities there are two principles that are close to Samopomich. These are self-management and self-organization. UTC can independently solve local issues – that’s where we have self-management. And decentralization provides money for this. At the same time, UTC unite and organize the efforts of several villages (towns, cities). In such a way people create synergy for a joint, more effective work – that’s where we have self-organization.

I can already feel skepticism of some people. They say we will not manage to do anything, Ukrainians are not ready to do anything on their own.  But this is not true; the Ukrainian nation is already mature enough. Each Ukrainian individually can cope with everything, despite all the troubles and difficulties. But this is not enough. We need to learn how to manage well not only in our own home, but also in the community where we live. We have to fight the approach to which we are so used – whatever is beyond my home is not my concern. Only with the help of a strong society we will build a successful country.

Therefore, if we can clean our house, let us also clean our larger home! The creation of UTC is a great responsibility, without a doubt. Truth be told, in the context of our state that has less than perfect laws and likes to grab hold of local resources – UTC creation is a challenge; a challenge for the system, for all the doubting Thomas’s, and for ourselves. Will we cope? However, at the same time, this is a great opportunity to be the masters of our own homes, not to depend on the officials from the district or the region. Because the leadership of UTC is elective. You can re-elect a bad leader, or control him/her at least. Because they will be close to you, all their actions will be spread out before you.

I can’t say this is an easy path. But we have examples of strong community leaders in Ukraine. And if you choose a quality leader, then success will come sooner or later. Take the example of Lviv. Eleven years ago, the current mayor Andriy Sadovyi started dealing with a city that was not in the best condition, to put it mildly. The quality of Lviv roads was notoriously known all over Ukraine. One could have running water only for a couple of hours per day. Ask the city residents about how they used to hurry up in the morning to pour water into the bathtub or saucepans so to have it during the day for washing and cooking. But this was not as bad as when the heating was turned off at home in winter! Of course, this often caused protests and blockages of roads.

What does Lviv have now? Roads of which one can be proud, new junctions; and the creation of new roads continues (at the same time there are major infrastructure projects implemented, for example, a tram to Sykhiv district of the city). People have running water all the time. Heating in the winter is taken for granted altogether; cold radiators, people wrapped in warm clothes and diseases as a consequence are history already. These basic improvements let the city authorities headed by Sadovyi focus on farsighted projects for the city. This is how the city managed to obtain huge flows of tourists at the level of the best cities in Europe. The city is also preparing to have the largest industrial park in Ukraine (and this means investments and new jobs). We should also note the rapid development of the IT industry in the city – Lviv, undoubtedly, is the leader in Ukraine in terms of this indicator…

We must understand the following: success can come to any UTC if we choose honest and decent people. This is exactly what Samopomich offers. So do not miss your chance – go to the polls this Sunday.

Lyubomyr Zubach
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