Serhiy Husovskyi and three more deputies of the Kyiv City Council are excluded from the Samopomich Union

The Executive Committee of the Political Party “Samopomich Union” has decided to exclude deputies of the Kyiv City Council Serhiy Husovskyi, Oleksiy Rudenko, Serhiy Kharchuk and Vadym Vasylchuk from party members because of serious damage to the reputation of the political force.

These deputies supported the decision of the Kyiv City Council to allocate land plots in the city of Kyiv to the relatives of their colleague Roman Marchenko, who had previously illegally seized them. The total area of all the seized areas is more than 1.4 hectares.

Despite numerous comments from society and the political council of the party, Roman Marchenko used his deputy mandate to implement potentially corrupt schemes with land plots in Kyiv.

In turn, for a long time, some of the deputies of the faction led by Serhiy Husovskyi took no actions or measures to prevent such votes and prevent damage to the reputation of the party.

The Executive Committee of the Party made a decision to initiate a procedure for recalling Roman Marchenko.

The leadership of Samopomich states that all the discovered documents regarding the potential corruption schemes of deputy Marchenko will be transferred to the NAPC, NABU and other law enforcement agencies.

“If a person uses his status and position for the sake of personal benefit – in order to receive communal land for himself and his family, if a person illegally gets 14 plots for his own use, all this indicates that this person is dishonest. If deputies of the faction cover this, then this confirms their lack of goodwill and dishonesty as well. Honesty has always been a basic value of our political power. Therefore, we have never welcomed those who are engaged with corruption,” says Oksana Syroyid, head of the Kyiv city party organization of the Samopomich Union.

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