Serhiy Kiral: Thousands of crimes in the occupied territories awaiting fair court verdicts

Today in the Netherlands, during the presentation of the report on the results of the technical investigation of the causes of MH17 plane crash it was said that the “Malaysia Airlines” aircraft had been shot down by a missile delivered from Russian anti-aircraft Buk missile system.

“Samopomich” MP Serhiy Kiral believes that now the aim of investigators is to bring the case to court and to punish all those responsible for the tragedy.

“However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because thousands of crimes of invaders and collaborators in the occupied Crimea and the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are awaiting investigators, prosecutors, fair court judgments. With the support of international organizations and their investigative authorities Ukraine has to investigate these crimes and punish all those who killed, destroyed or victimized civilians, plundered or destroyed state property,” said Serhiy Kiral.

The lawmaker emphasizes that following the conclusions of the investigators on the case of MH17, the President should insist on a full and objective investigation of all the crimes in the occupied territories after their full and unconditional de-occupation.

“This should be a fundamental condition for their further reintegration,” sums up Serhiy Kiral.

Serhij Kiral
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